Friday, September 23, 2011

Life drawing

2 hours. I got there late and couldn't find any chairs so I just stood up holding my laptop.


  1. Tiffany did a 3 hour standing pose? what a baller haha.

    Looks really good!

    did you hear my professor screaming next door?

  2. Yep, great model. Last 20 were 2min gestures.

    yeah I heard him when I was walking in, missed the screaming.

  3. Hey there, I'm the other Jon. haha

    But I agree too, looks awesome! Great sense of light and nice contrast of warm and cool colors. I'm only wondering if there were any highlights. Otherwise, great job! ^^

  4. Hi there, Jon! I've been reading your blog too.

    Yeah I really need to work on values more, there was a strong light there. I converted them to b&w and noticed that most of my values were all staying in midtone.